Upala (Costa Rica) 72%
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Upala (Costa Rica) 72%

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Upala (Costa Rica) 72%

This cacao that belongs to the trinitario family, is native from Upala, a canton on the North of Costa Rica. Grown by a small cooperative of farmers in the region, that want to protect and keep growing Costa Rican native varieties. They work really hard to bring us the high quality cacao we use to make this chocolate. Its malty, floral and caramel notes are a bliss of this paradise in Central America.

Origin: Upala, Costa Rica

Cacao family: Trinitario

Aromas: Nuts, woody, sour cherries


可可豆來源地: 哥斯達黎加Upala

可可豆家族: Trinitario

風味: 果仁、木香及車厘子

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